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The Meaning Wars - A Space Opera by Michelle Browne

The Meaning Wars -  A Space Opera by Michelle Browne         Book Title: The Meaning Wars #3 Author: Michelle Browne Illustrator: Katie De Long  Release Date: September 3rd 2021 Genre: Queer, Science-Fiction Length: 153 Pages This is the third book in a six-book series  Book One - And The Stars Will Sing  Book Two - The Stolen: Two Short Stories  Book Three - The Meaning Wars  Book Four - Poes Outlaw  Book Five - A Jade's Trick Buy Links Amazon UK Amazon USA Michelle Browne's Goodreads Blurb: A queer, diverse found-family space opera.  On the way to a new wormhole-building gig, Crystal and her husband Jai fight over the future of their family. But the safe haven of their base is paradise compared to Pluto. Recovering from her imprisonment, Sarah and her cousin Toby try to scrape their lives back together and stay out of trouble on the icy planetoid. Rebel leader Patience Ngouabi's actions have triggered a growing insurrection on the colony planet of Indus, and th

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