Parabellum by Greg Hickey

Parabellum by Greg Hickey

Title - Parabellum

Author - Greg Hickey

Genre - Mystery, Thriller

Published - October 2022

Pages - 354 Pages 

When there's a shooting at a beach in Chicago which leaves several people dead and several more injured all eyes turn to four people, any one of these four people could be the shooter but which one? Is it the high school student, the army veteran turned cop, the computer programmer or the ex-college athlete? Who is the shooter and why are they doing it? 

We read this book from the perspective of the four suspects, we never actually learn the names of these suspects just by their identifying personalities. I found this book to be a little confusing at times, I would have liked there to be new heading titles each time there was a character change. 

Apart from that, I thought this book was well written, I found the characters to be written well with brilliant buildup. This book was a slow burn. It keeps you hooked and needing to read on and find out which one of the suspects is the killer. 

If you enjoy quirky, thriller crime fiction then this is the book for you. 


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